Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've just realized that every time I move, the city seems to be experiencing the "worst" weather in 40-90 years.
2006 San Francisco 30 days straight of pouring rain and snow across the bridge. (that hadn't happen in 50 years prior)
2007-2008 San Diego hottest summer in many years...
2009 Florence record summer highs...hottest heat wave from Africa.
2010 Baltimore's snowiest weather in 90 years. I think we've had 4 feet in the last week? and two week before that was about 5 feet. Baltimore has had more snow than Buffalo, NY...which is INSANE.

Now it seems the rest of the East Coast is catching up! Keep warm, dudes.

WOO! Weather woooooo!!!
I have to say I have been enjoying myself in the snow..Maybe some photos will appear from the shenanigans that happened last night.


Sarah with an H said...

I'm thinking it runs in the family, because Mom and Dad went to England during the worst winter in 80 years for their honeymoon. Although Seth doesn't seemed to be cursed by weather... O.o

sheilaownscommunism said...
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