Monday, December 08, 2008

yo-yo yoyoyoo ma ma

I don't know how to put it into words....

It was beyond amazing. Yo-Yo Ma with Kathryn Scott on
The most amazing piece they played was probably Gismonti's Bodas de Prata e Quatro Cantos. It was BEAUTIFUL! I think I cried and slapped my friend Thom a couple times during the performance because it was that amazing. I don't really remember much because they then played THREE ENCORES!! And one of them was my faaaaaaavorite The Swan by Saint-Saens.

Yo-Yo kept coming out and blowing kisses at the audience giving the thumbs up an dancing into the back behind the curtain. Kathryn Scott was prettttttty amazing as well.

I'm not too articulate at the moment, my mind is a bit blown.

Afterwards it was definitely the night cap we all wanted. These douche-bags were talking during the performance and making farting noises, blah blah blah, anyway, bunch of old ladies in front of me were preeeetttyyy pissed off and decided to tell them about how angry they were about it. It basically was a blood bath between a 17 year old D-Bag and a 57 year old nostril flarer. He said things that were breath taking in a bad way and she was quite the fighter.

I loooooooved it.

Next to Milan to see Opera. Oh BOY!!!


let me know if someone wants something from Italy before I come homeeeeeee!
2 more weeks. siiiickasss.


Avalon said...

All I want is you!

Oliver said...

That sounds amazing. Wish I had been there!