Monday, February 11, 2008

Whiny Bafoons

I'm reading the Diary of Søren Kierkegaard and finding out that he is nothing more than a drama queen. Melancholy is his own trust worthy friend and he seems to find that Grief is the next best thing to a woman. I suppose it's not fair to judge him completely as I haven't finished the book, but o far he's a Whiny Bafoon!

I honestly want to write more interesting things for people to read on this blog, but really...I don't have the internet. The most interesting thing that I do all day is go for a run and see the regular old people walking their equally old pooches in my neighborhood. They're actually a really wonderful couple with a "yippie" dAWg to match. The old lady mozzies along with the dog holding an umbrella to block the sun and usually has bug-eyed sunglasses that take over her face like a bad pimple. The old man is a speed-walker and wags his arms like the Music Man, but somehow he seems to always fall behind his turtle paced wife and scampering dog. He's a little more colorful as he wears a forest green visor and matching track suit from the 70's. I haven't formally met them yet as I'm usually out of breath and really unattractively wiping drool from the corners of my mouth.

time to take a moment as Avalon just pulled out a list form the drawer of lists at the Pannikin
:Dislikes: "Creepy old ladies with salad fingers."

new webbie:
I really miss everyone is who is away.


Juliana said...

i really miss you, girl. where are you living right now?

My name is Avalon said...

Those lists were 90% high school kids. How do they know about salad fingers?!

asha said...

salad fingers.

jesus christ! frightening !